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A dietitian will contact you to set up your profile within 24 hrs.


Your meal will be delivered to your door step.

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fresh & delicious healthy food.

Making That Lifestyle Change

USING Zone Manhattan

After completing and submitting your personal information ( in the JOIN NOW portion of the web site) you will be contacted by a Zone Manhattan liaison. The liaison will set up menu preferences, determine any dietary restrictions and confirm a starting date.

Zone Manhattan will deliver three (3) Market Fresh meal and two (2) Flavorful snacks to your doorstep daily, before 5am or 6am (your choice). Using the freshest quality product we provide our customer with a variety of dishes that does not repeat during your programs subscription. If you have children and would like us to supply meals, we offer a CHILDS LUNCH BOX. This program will supply you with 3 Child Friendly Meals and 2 Flavorful Snacks with a conveniently packed lunch so your child can bring it with them to school.

You will receive a stylish cooler/bag containing your properly labeled meal and snacks. The cooler will contain ice packs to keep items cool during delivery. All meals that can be heated will be stored in microwaveable container. To heat, open slightly and place in microwave for up to 3 minutes* or move meal to an oven durable platter or pan and heat at 370 degrees in house hold oven for 5-7 minutes*. Before turning in for the night leave the cooler/bag outside for the next days pickup.

If you have a locked exterior door (i.e. apartment complex or non door man building), please FedEx us a duplicate key necessary to gain access to your front door.

To postpone any individual day or days please give us two (2) business days notice.

* Temperature and time may vary .

Disclaimer: Please take note that no statement regarding the Companys products has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administrations. The Companys products are not intended to cure, prevent, diagnose or treat any disease nor are they intended to treat specific medical conditions or health problems. Zone Culinaire LLC is not associated with Dr. Sears or his Zone trademarks. Moreover, the Companys programming is not meant as a substitute for medical care from a medical.